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about me
[ college ]This is my page, particularly about me. Well, I was born in September 1975, did some stuff, got involved with computers and here I am. Along the way I went to school and got a few qualifications, went to college and got a few more. I started a Bachelor of Arts degree in 3D Design at Leeds Metropolitan University in England, but left as I didn't do any real design work. Before you say "whining student", I tried but I couldn't do a course that I didn't enjoy. It was a hard decision, but one I'm glad I made.

[ work ]Anyway, I started a temporary job as Assistant to a Technical Author with a large Swedish telecoms company and after six months, took over the position full time. This involved writing technical manuals for telecommunications software, specifically for another large telecoms company. Along the way I learnt HTML and did a web based version of the documentation. If converting 400 documents from text to HTML wasn't enough to drum basic web design skills into your head, I don't know what is.

Here I am two years later making a living out of what I like to do. I get to design web sites, graphics and images and I get paid for it. I'm not complaining, and have made some great friends along the way.

[ me ]Besides doing web stuff, I'm interested in car stereo systems (see my car audio section for more about that) and also spend alot of time re-decorating my new house with my fiancee. I've been told that this goes on forever as you never really finish working on a house, but it's something I enjoy so it's not too dis-heartening. Who knows, I might even do a web page about it.

[ photos ]Just to prove I'm actually a real person and do more than just work on computers all the time, I'm going to put up some personal photos of some of my friends and places I've been. Just follow this link Personal photos or click on the "photos" icon, to the left.

[ personal ]So far my interests are geeky in the exteme (computers, car audio, decorating) so I'm going to push the boat out and mention my three cats. The first is Taz, the father of the family, who spends most of his time on his back. Taz's partner is Jay, the lunatic parent of the youngest of the family. The kitten in the family is Tess, an extreme bundle of energy who is always up to something. Anyway, here are some photos of them, follow the link on the thumbnail or text for larger images and some more blurb about them.

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