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car audio
About December 1994, I bought my very first car stereo amplfier. To some, putting an amplifier in a car may seem a bit strange, but to me it seemed like a good idea. Now, three years later I see it as the first step towards insanity and the beginning of an expensive and time consuming hobby. I joined a world wide club of similar minded car obsessed audio nutcases and this is the story of how me and my system developed.

No car audio nut and enjoy there obsession without an (un)healthy interest in exotic cars, so I've included an amazing cars section. I intend for this section to gradually grow as part of my car of the month section, hopefully with some visitors contributions as well.

Alpine TDA 7556R car stereo - head unit and link to the stereo system pages
car audio system - featuring Alpine, Phoenix Gold and JBL equipment
BMW logo - BMW information pages
the car - a classic 1987 3-series BMW 320i SE in royal blue
Porsche 911 - amazing car pages
car of the month - cars I'll never own, featuring McLaren, Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari & BMW
Links to car audio pages
car [audio] links - some of the best manufacturer and personal car audio sites

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