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Dodge Viper GTS
Dodge Viper GTS
The Dodge Viper GTS, a true American muscle car designed for ridiculous speeds in extroardinary style. The car is equally a babe as well as a police magnet, and a thorough bred racer all in one. The 8-litre V10 will throw you and your passenger back into the bucket seats and send you hurtling forward when the loud pedal is pushed down.

The design was based on Ferrari 250 GTO and Shelby's Cobra Daytona Coupe, the car took three years of work to design and perfect, launched in May 1990. One year later, the Viper RT/10 led the field at the 1991 Indianapolis 500 as the Official Pace Car. It's devastatingly fast and gorgeous to look at, a testiment to quality design and construction of Chrysler Corporation.

Check out the Technical Specifications below and view some of the images to see what I mean.

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[ technical specification ]
Dodge Viper GTS Specification
Price  approx. $72,830 (US)
Top track speed  177 mph est.
Acceleration  0 - 60mph in 4.0 seconds
Fuel economy city/highway  13 mpg city, 21mpg motorway
Horsepower  450 bhp @ 5200 rpm
Engine V-10, aluminum block and heads, pushrods, 2 valves per cylinder, hydraulic lifters, Chrysler JTEC with port fuel injection
Engine  488 cu in, 7990cc
Torque  490 lb.ft @ 3700 rpm
Length  176.7 inches
Width  75.7 inches
Height  47.0 inches
Wheelbase  96.2 inches
Curb weight  3415 lb
Note: it would be possible to fill pages and pages with the technical details of this car, I've just chosen the ones' that really interest the racer in me, that is how fast it is and how much it costs. If you know / want any more, fill in the form below.

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