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911 Turbo
The first amazing car must be and always will be in my eyes, the Porsche 911. Most Porsches have that special quality that makes me want to sell my house and buy one, but the 911 has something extra, that little bit more. The old shape shape 911's are the best, the latest just isn't quite as sleak, but I guess it's a shape that will grow on me. Check out the Technical Specifications below and view some of the images to see what I mean.

Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4

[ technical specification ]
Porsche 911 Turbo - 1996 Specification
Price approx. £60,500 (UK), $99,000 (US)
Top track speed 181mph
Acceleration 0 - 60mph in 4.3 seconds
Fuel economy city/highway 13/19 mpg
Horsepower 408 hp @ 5,750 rpm
Engine Rear-mounted, air-cooled, horizontally opposed 6-cylinder, single overhead camshaft, 2 valves per cylinder, crossflow hemispherical combustion chambers, lightweight aluminum block, heads and pistons
Displacement 3.6 litres
Torque 400 lb-ft @ 4,500 rpm
Compression ratio 8.0:1
Length 167.7 in (4260 mm)
Width 70.7 in (1795 mm)
Height Height: 51.8 in (1315 mm)
Wheelbase 89.4 in (2272 mm)
Curb weight 3307 lb
Air induction Twin intercooled turbochargers
Note: it would be possible to fill pages and pages with the technical details of a Porsche 911, I've just chosen the ones' that really interest the racer in me, that is how fast it is and how much it costs. If you know / want any more, fill in the form below.

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