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TVR Speed 12
The TVR Speed 12 was launched at the London Motor Show in October '97 and caused a real sensation, as much as an outrageous 800bhp 7.7-litre V12 powered super car could. The Speed 12 is essentially a racing project designed to compete in the Le Mans 24 hours, but TVR claims to have at least eight firm orders for the roadgoing version which in itself is expected to have a power-to-weight ratio of around 900bhp per tonne and over 650 lb ft of torque.

The Speed 12 uses a simple glass fibre bodyshell mounted over a tubular steel chassis, essentially a space frame with integral rollover and side impact protection. The engine is unique to TVR, originally conceived by Al Melling, the head of a small British company called MCD. Based on this design, John Ravenscoft (TVR's in-house engine expert) has developed it dramatically, producing 660hp for the roadgoing version and potentially over 800bhp for racing. The Speed 12's are set to be manufactured at a rate of one per month, so they'll be a long waiting list.

Check out the Technical Specifications below and view some of the images to see the wild chassis design, strangely resembling the Bat-Mobile!

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[ technical specification ]
TVR Speed 12 Specification
Price  approx. $245,000 (US), £150,000 (UK)
Top track speed  210mph (limited)
Acceleration  0 - 60mph in 2.9 seconds
Horsepower  800 bhp at 8250 revs
Engine  7730cc 90 degree V12, Steel block, aluminium heads, 4 valves per cylinder, Dry Sump, 12.5:1 compression ratio
Engine  7.7 litres
Chassis  Space frame with integral rollover and side impact protection
Torque  650 lbs/ft at 5750 rpm
Brakes  Front 378mm ventilated with six pot callipers
 Rear 273mm ventilated with 4 pot callipers
Wheels  Front 11x18inch, 285/35 tyres
 Rear 13x18inch 345/35 tyres
Length  4.30m
Width  1.96m
Height  1.10m
Wheelbase  104 inches
Curb weight  1000kg
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